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Jon Stemkoski's Celebrant Singers



About Us

Jon Stemkoski’s CELEBRANT SINGERS is one of the nation’s premier music and missions organizations and is headquartered in Visalia, CA. We give singers, instrumentalists, signers for the hearing impaired, and sound/lighting technicians extraordinary opportunities for spiritual, intellectual, social and musical growth while using their gifts in hands-on domestic and international cross cultural ministry. CELEBRANT SINGERS stands out by combining spiritual depth with musical excellence and quality leadership. To date, over 3,200 Celebrant alumni have ministered in all 50 States and 100 additional countries – including more than 6,000 Roman Catholic parishes in the United States and countless more worldwide.

Each CELEBRANT team is generally composed of ten singers, a 12-piece live orchestra, sound and lighting technicians and a signer for the hearing impaired. Chosen by audition from across North America and all over the world, these highly-talented and committed young adults are not salaried but have dedicated their lives to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through music, testimony, prayer and the ministry of the Word.

From midtown Manhattan to the turbulent streets of Tehran, Monte Carlo to the slums of Calcutta, Miami to war-torn Northern Ireland, over 8 million people have gathered to hear CELEBRANT SINGERS message of hope and encouragement.

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